Why is hydroponic gardening better than soil gardening?

Hydroponic gardening is better than soil gardening for several reasons. More plants can generally be grown in the same amount of space when compared to traditional soil gardens. Roots are delivered nutrients instead of having to stretch out in search of them. Also hydroponic gardens can be stacked to further increase space efficiency.

The main benefit to hydroponic gardening is much higher oxygen levels in the root zone when compared to a soil garden. This increased oxygen means increased nutrient uptake and much higher rates of growth. It is also much easier to control the nutrient levels in hydroponic gardens compared to soil gardens.

There are several reasons Hydroponics is a better way to grow and I’ll touch on some that easily come to mind. The first is space: you can grow a lot of food, flowers or whatever in a smaller footprint. The second is that hydroponics actually saves water. Sounds crazy right, a soilless system actually conserves water. Using a covered reservoir allows the plants to use only the water they need, the rest is stored for another day and with no soil to absorb water there is no loss into the earth.

Another reason is that there are fewer bugs and diseases. Additionally, you control the process and the harvest time is greatly reduced. Lastly, and most popular, there are no weeds to contend with.  

 While not for everyone, hydroponics is a great way to enjoy year round flowers and fresh food with the ability to know the quality of the food you’re eating.